VIM Tips & Tricks #2 Remapping leader, semicolon and switching between files

vim tips and tricks

It’s time for second part of VIM Tips & Tricks! I’ve decided to run this series as batches of tips instead of spamming with post about 1 simple line of config.

VIM is all about productivity for me. I’d like to share some more tricks that help me every day to write as fast as possible. Let’s start with typing commands. Pressing shift and ; buttons is a little bit too much to just open command interface, don’t you think? What about fast switching between last 2 files? Pressing control, shift and 6 is really too much to handle!

Setting up Rails API with Docker

docker rails api

Lately, Docker has gotten a lot of popularity and it turns out, that there are some serious reasons behind that. It simplified containers so much, that even developers can handle managing them. When building a new application, it’s worth to consider building it in docker container.It won’t depend on your local machine and can be easily moved to your teammates’ machines.

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