The new old medium

the new old medium
If I’d have to tell what is my main passion, it would be learning. Recently, that process has changed a lot for me. I was already learning from books, blogposts, screencasts, meetups, conferences, even snapchat. I didn’t think that there is a place for next medium, but I was totally wrong!

I was suggested to give podcasts try. I downloaded `Podcast Addict` application for android and then listened to a little bit. 20 hours of listening later, I realised, that after all, there is something about it.

Why podcasts?

Podcasts have been present since around ~2004. Why did I(and many of people) notice them recently? Podcasts community is steadily growing. There is no hype about and that’s rather logical. Podcasts aren’t mostly aren’t focused on entertaining listener but rather on knowledge sharing.

Easy to listen

Each of us has best available podcast player in a pocket. Smartphones are just perfect for that purpose. You can download as many episodes as you like when you’re connected to Wi-Fi or you can use your cellular connection. Podcasts don’t weight too much so it won’t cost you much.

When you have downloaded a podcast, you can listen to it anywhere. Just plug your earphones when you’re in public transport or during a walk. You can connect your phone with car audio system and listen to it while driving. There are so many possibilities, that I’m sure, you’ll find one for yourself. Podcasts don’t require your eyes’ attention, so it’s safe to do anything while listening.


Listeners are loyal and engaged. I haven’t seen so called `haters` in that community. I’m not sure why is it like that, but that’s just great. I could write a lot about podcasts’ listeners, but someone does a great job doing it and I’d like to recommend you visiting http://awesome.midroll.com/
That’s a great page with results of the survey done amongst podcast listeners. Numbers are always convincing(at least for me!)

Recommended podcasts

Ruby Rogues

That’s probably the most popular and active podcast about Ruby. Episodes are pretty long(50-70minutes) and they have a panel form, so it’s a little bit hard to listen to the whole episode at once, but they’re worth the time. They’re released every week since 2011.


Great ruby knowledge in a compact format. Episodes are usually about 5 minutes long. Unfortunately, authors won’t produce more episodes, but still, they left us a great archive.

Ruby on Rails Podcast

This podcast isn’t only about Ruby on Rails as the name suggests, but also about open source software and programming profession. They’re all about 40-70 minutes long and aren’t published regularly, but the podcast is still active.

Andrzej on Software

In this show, Andrzej talks about Ruby, JS, OOP, DDD, CQRS, AI, business, sales, marketing and probably much more. It’s published daily. It’s not professionally recorded like other podcasts, but it has great content that I deeply recommend.


Podcasts are a great source of knowledge and are easily available for anyone. I hope that at least one person will start listening to podcasts after reading this post. Just download Sticher/Podcast Addict if you’re an android user, or use Podcasts application if you’re iPhone user.

This is post created from a lightning talk I gave at wroclove_rb conference. I got so much positive feedback about it, that I decided to write about it.

I got many podcasts recommendations after the talk, but I’ll gladly accept more. If you have something interesting, please leave a name of the podcast in comments.

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